Señor Suerte

When sensitivity goes beyond the perceptible and the established, everything explodes, becoming musical notes. Specifically, those that emerge from Señor Suerte, Josep Vilagut’s alter ego. Because on many occasions, the frontier between the two becomes too blurred, to the point of almost disappearing. This is what he has shown in the double tracks he has released so far, “Espejo de vapor” / “No soy lo que ves” and “Un beso y una flecha” / “Valiente”. And he is beginning to show it on the new album he has been working on throughout the confinement, from his recording studio La Masía Music Lab. A new era is approaching that, under the name of “El infierno”, will make us all fall in love. A new era that began to take shape last Friday, November 13th, and that already has no end in sight.

“El infierno”, a reflective pop-rock work, stands as a powerful and authentic tribute to all those people who give us the necessary strength to feel hope and accelerate in this new vital phase in which we all find ourselves after the crash. In Vilagut’s case, that strength and beacon of light is his wife, Scarlett (Side Chick), his partner in production and main pillar of support during his confinement. And, therefore, also during the process of creation, composition and recording of this album that the artist and producer from Barcelona presents to us today. A home, a person for whom it is worth burning the baggage because the search journey is over.

Now, we go even deeper into his particular universe and get to know the project from the inside, thanks to the little chat we had a few days ago with him. Ready for Josep Vilagut to give us more details about this exciting journey called Señor Suerte? Well, you just have to sit back, relax, press play and enjoy.