Chico Jorge

After releasing his debut EP in June, Chico Jorge, Jordi Bastida’s solo project, presents Revolución en 32 verses, a raw, direct and earthy single.

Our whole life takes place in a single instant: the present moment. For better or worse, it is neither possible nor worth living in yesterday. However, who hasn’t ever had their peace disturbed by ghosts from the past, haunting and stirring up the panic that lurks beneath our scars?

This is what Chico Jorge, the solo alter ego of Jordi Bastida (guitarist with Carlos Sadness, Els Pets, Trau and Ramón Mirabet), talks about in his new single, Revolución en 32 verses. And he does it like this: it is a present moment, in thirty-two subordinate verses that illustrate his most direct and earthy song to date.

Unlike their debut EP, Chico Jorge i, with its stratospheric indie pop noise style, Revolución en 32 versos is more raw, with inspiration from The Strokes and early Angel Olsen. A musical formula that allows Jordi to express his message in a clear and accurate way.